Joe Johnson built the Call Again Soon to provide a place where people affected by Leukodystrophy, and those who know and love them, can find information.

About Joe Johnson

Computers, databases, ever growing online communities and the arrival of the Internet have contributed to the survival of my son, Joey. Without these technologies and the people that make them happen, we would not have connected with the handful of people worldwide that could help. I became so fascinated with Internet technology I went back to school and earned my MSIE. Now I earn my living as an Internet Engineer. I love my work and my work loves me. My work is fun and fun for me is trying the latest toy, code scrap, or thing that goes beep. Best of all is the sheer joy of discovering and sharing new stuff with people from all over the world.

Please share with me. Make Suggestions and send me links, please. Look around, have fun and remember... Call Again Soon!

Leukodystrophy Info

If you are here looking for information about Leukodystrophy or rare disease, please see my Adrenoleukodystrophy Resources page. I began collecting NALD information in 1990 using online databases and other information resources available from CompuServe. My ability to use computers grew. My desire to find a community of people led me to start the CALL AGAIN SOON BBS and fueled my hunger to participate in online communities like the World Message Exchange. Through this worldwide community we found DHA in time to save Joey's life.

About "Call Again Soon"

This site replaces the Call Again Soon BBS. The original Call Again Soon was a pre-Web multi-phone line computerized information exchange system (a.k.a. BBS) dedicated to my son Joey and to all those affected by Leukodystrophy and those who know and love them. The BBS system was operated out of Worcester, MA. on three phone lines. It supported over 300,000 logins since it's inception in 1990, used TriBBS software, and served as a major hub for the QWK mail network called the World Message Exchange (WME). This web site carries on that dedication.

Call Again Soon means a lot to me!

Joe Johnson, M.S.I.E.
Internet Engineer
Worcester, MA 01605
Joe Johnson goes by the nickname joemsie on most social networking sites.

Joey Johnson NALD patient

PS: I included this photo of Joey because I realized that a lot of pages still point to it.